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Welcome to the website of Cllr Ian Carey

Green Party councillor for Swords, Rolestown, Santry, St Margarets, and Coolquay

About me

I'm a councillor for the Swords LEA

My name is Ian Carey and I have been a Green Party councillor since 2019. 

I believe local politics can make a difference. 

As a councillor, I have been working hard to make sure that our local community gets its fair share of funding and investment.

I’m passionate about environmental protection, sustainabilty, active travel, and building community. 

I grew up in Swords and have lived, worked and volunteered in the town for most of my life. My background is in the media and working for environmental NGOs in Ireland and internationally. 

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“Green necklace” around Swords and major redevelopment of Ward River Valley, added to new Development Plan

A major commitment to develop a necklace of open spaces around Swords and to redevelop the Ward River Valley Regional Park will be contained in the new Fingal Development Plan. Following a motion from Green Party Councillor Ian Carey, Fingal officials last night recommended a strong extra commitment around open spaces which will now be…

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PRESS RELEASE Greens secure close to 60% increase for upkeep and maintenance in Swords, Balbriggan and North Fingal

Footpath upgrades, park improvements, traffic calming and improvements in lighting are to increase in the Swords and North Fingal areas from next year following a county council decision this week. The single biggest increase in the Programme of Works budget was agreed with council officials following a Green Party motion to secure greater fairness in…

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PRESS RELEASE Broadmeadow Estuary set to receive a higher conservation status

Rampant dumping, waste water outflow, litter flowing downstream, and human disturbance are all contributing to the destruction of nature on the Broadmeadow Estuary. But last week we saw a change in approach from Fingal County Council that may mark a turning point in the fate of some of Fingal’s nature reserves. A Green Party motion…

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