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Welcome to the website of Cllr Ian Carey

Green Party councillor for Swords, Rolestown, Santry, St Margarets, and Coolquay

About me

I'm a councillor for the Swords LEA

My name is Ian Carey and I have been a Green Party councillor since 2019. 

I believe local politics can make a difference. 

As a councillor, I have been working hard to make sure that our local community gets its fair share of funding and investment.

I’m passionate about environmental protection, sustainabilty, active travel, and building community. 

I grew up in Swords and have lived, worked and volunteered in the town for most of my life. My background is in the media and working for environmental NGOs in Ireland and internationally. 

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200 people meet to discuss illegal aircraft noise similar being planned for Swords

Residents from St Margarets, Coolquay, Oldtown and Swords, gathered in the Coolquay Lodge this week to discuss the continued breach of planning permission by Dublin Airport. The group heard how legal action is being taken to challenge the continued use of flight paths which have no planning permission. They encouraged people to submit their experiences…

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